Eye of Providence (All-Seeing Eye of God)


Standard size: 28/21 cm

Technique: tempera on wood, gilding

Materials: tempera, gold leaf, wood panel, varnish

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Hand-painted icon of Eye of Providence (All-Seeing Eye of God). High quality and classical Byzantine technique – tempera on wood.

  • The artist will draw this icon especially for you.
  • We’ll send an icon abroad with a certificate from National Gallery in Bulgaria (EU).
  • High quality safe packing and worldwide flat rate delivery options.

The Eye of Providence or the All-Seeing Eye of God is a type of Orthodox icon that emerged in the Russian iconography in the 19th century. The image of the Eye of Providence, inscribed in a triangle, appeared in the paintings of the Russian Orthodox churches from the end of 18th century to the first half of 19th century, later in the Russian iconography, mostly among the Old Believers. It is a symbolic and allegorical composition of the words from the Holy Scripture that represents the omniscient and vigilant all-seeing eye of Christ.