Seven Apostles of Bulgarian Orthodox Church (The Seven Saints), 40x30cm


Standard size: 40/30 cm (16×12 inches)

Technique: tempera on wood, gilding

Materials: tempera, gold leaf, wood panel, varnish

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Hand-painted icon – Seven Apostles of Bulgarian Orthodox Church.  High quality and classical Byzantine technique – tempera on wood.

  • The artist will draw this icon especially for you.
  • We’ll send an icon abroad with a certificate from National Gallery in Bulgaria (EU).
  • High quality safe packing and worldwide flat rate delivery options.

The Seven Apostles (Bulgarian: Sveti Sedmochislenitsi) are seven saints worshiped by Bulgarian Orthodox Church since the Middle ages (10th century). They are worshiped also by other Churches as the creator and distributor of the Glagolitic and Cyrillic script. These Saints are Saint Cyril and Methodius who created the Glagolitic script and their five students Kliment, Naum, Gorazd, Sava and Angelariy. Although Constantine of Preslav is considered a direct disciple of Methodius, the church traditionally did not include him because he was not canonized. In Russian Orthodox Church Saint Cyril and Methodius are separately celebrated and their disciples are recognized as Equal-to-apoties. Bulgarian Orthodox Church has decided July 27 as the day of the Assumption of Clement of Ohrid and the day of the Seven Saints.